Years of Experience VS Hours of Experience

Written by: Jacques Leemans

“How many years of experience do you have?” - asked the recruiter.
“~30 000 hours” - I said after a slight pause
“That’s nice, but how many years?” - She said ‘annoyed’
“10 years” - I said ‘slightly more annoyed’
“We are looking for someone with 12 years experience” - She responded, without hesitation
“But….” I TRIED to say….
“You unfortunately don’t have the number of years experience that we require” - She said
“Uuuu ok…” - I said confused and frowning

I didn’t get the role.

Why are we still measuring experience in terms of Years-of-Experience (YoE) instead of Hours-of-Experience (HoE), or even better yet, both metrics?

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